Fridge Repair Singapore


Fridge repair in customer house

At AC SAVIOUR Engineering, your friendly fridge repair expert has decades of fridge repair experience.
Fridges are commonly found in our environment nowadays and when fridges break down, our daily lives are affected.
With the high temperature and humidity in Singapore AC SAVIOUR Engineering existence play a part in improving your life quality at work or at home.
It is important to maintain and service your fridge due to the primary reasons of
1) To keep your food fresh for your family to enjoy healthy food
2) To cool down your body with cool drink
3) To provide a good and hygiene storage space for cooking material
At AC SAVIOUR Engineering , our technicians are 100% certified by BCA and ITE and are able to repair any brands of domestic and commercial fridge on the spot with a 30 days warranty.

Here are some of our services that are highly in demand

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Fridge Brands Serviced

AC Saviour Engineering has extensive experience and had repair many different brands of fridges
Here are some of the more common brands of fridges that AC Saviour Engineering has repaired before:
ACMA, Akira, Amana, ,,,,,,, Cornell, Daewoo, Elba, Electrolux, EuropAce, Faber, Fisher & Paykel, Frigidaire, GE, ,GEC, Goldstar, Hitachi, Hoover, Hotpont, Kenmore, Kelvinator, ,,, Maytag, Mitsubishi, National, Panasonic, RCA,,,,,,, Sanyo, Sharp, Simpson, Siemens, Tecno, Tecnogas, Toshiba, Westinghouse, Whirlpool… and many many more.

Fridge Brands Serviced   

ACMA,Akira,Amana,,,,,,,,Cornell,Daewoo,Elba,Electrolux,EuropAce,Faber,Farfalla, Frigidaire,Fisher & Paykel,GE,GEC,Goldstar,Hitachi,Hoover,Hotpoint,Kenmore,
Kelvinator,,,,Maytag,Mitsubishi,National,Panasonic,RCA,,,,,,,,,Sanyo,Sharp, Siemens,Simpson,Tecno,Tecnogas,Toshiba,Whirlpool,Westinghouse

Here are some of our services that are highly in demand


Licensed Technicians


That is our promise to you, our customers.
Building Construction Authority (BCA) Academy and Institution of Technical of Singapore (ITE) has been organizing would provide technicians the latest changes in the relevant regulations Codes of Practice as well as the latest knowledge to enable the technicians to be technically competent to meet the latest challenges in the fridge repair industry.
All our technicians are fully licensed, trained and certified by government bodies to meet the expectations of all our clients.

Here are some of our services that are highly in demand


Quality Assurance

Fridge repair in customer house
AC Saviour Engineering promises that we will repair all fridge 100% on spot with 30 days warranty! No gimmicks or hidden cost.
AC Saviour Engineering have licensed fridge repair technicians by Building Construction Authority and certified by Institute of Technical Education at your disposal.
Using our proven methods of checking your fridge before we repair, we have repaired over countless fridges ranging from domestic to large commercial units.
Our colleagues are licensed technicians with years of experience to provide you a guaranteed satisfactory service.
Here are some of our services that are highly in demand
- Fridge Repair

- Topping up of gas
- Fridge leaking
- General Contract Maintenance to ensure your fridge is working in tip top condition.
With all these promise, rest assured that AC Saviour Engineering has full quality assurance over your fridge repair assignment to make your fridge and aircon working for you once again.


Refrigerator repair singapore

AC Saviour Engineering promises that we will repair all fridge 100% on spot  with 30-120 days warranty! No gimmicks or hidden cost.

Guaranteed Quality Fridge Repair Service, Happy Customers!
With various environmental and technical factors, there may come a time when your fridge starts to deteriorate or becomes dysfunctional. Like any other appliances, your fridge is not invincible. When this happens, don’t worry. Stay cool and let our fridge repair team do the legwork. Our topnotch fridge repair specialists can assure 100% excellent work.
Fridge Repair Root Cause Analysis
Prior to conducting fridge repair, we make sure that we have identified the problem and its source first. This is the very first step in the fridge repair job, which must never be skipped no matter what the circumstances are.
Identifying the problem is easy, but knowing the cause of the problem is another story. Our fridge repair technicians give emphasis on fully understanding the origin of the problem, as this is very important in the fridge repair process as well as for the prevention of future issues.
Careful and meticulous checking of your fridge trouble provides us with a guide on what steps we should take next for the fridge repair. We do not instantly jump into conclusions or base our judgments solely on ocular inspection. This process of tracing the problem to its origins paves the way for our efficient and excellent fridge repair service.
It’s a surefire method for fridge repair!
Superior Fridge Repair Performance
Rigorous attention to every minute detail – this makes our fridge repair team superior to other fridge repair service providers in Singapore.
We ensure that all small details involved with the problem are well taken care of. We do not take the risk of assuming that small particulars are unnecessary in fridge repair. We believe that in order to successfully fix and keep your fridge in a condition that is good as new, everything that is not in the right place or condition must be dealt with.
We take pride in this kind of principle that we have – to never underestimate the small details when doing fridge repair. With this mentality, our fridge repair specialists do not only mend your broken fridge but also cut the probability of troubles in the future. It’s a fridge repair and a preventive measure in one!
We point out the problem, determine why it happened, and figure out how to fix it and cut down the likelihood of reoccurrence.
On-The-Spot Fridge Repair with Warranty
Upon knowing the problem and its source, our team of licensed fridge repair experts acts right away to fix your fridge. We do not like our customers experiencing long and wearisome waits. That’s why our fridge repair technicians do the work on the spot!
Since the fridge repair will be done at your home or work area, there will be no worries for the troubles of transporting your refrigerator, plus, you can witness the fridge repair firsthand. You can also ask questions, clarifications or explanations regarding your fridge free of charge. Another perk of availing of our fridge repair service is our 30 to 120 days of warranty and we make sure that there are no hidden charges, no surprises.
In our years of experience in the industry, we have received countless commendations from our clients regarding our line of work and how we effectively do our fridge repair job. We assure you that we will never fail your expectations on the quality of our service.