Refrigerator Repair Singapore

At AC SAVIOUR Engineering , your friendly fridge repair expert has decades of fridge repair experience.
Fridges are commonly found in our environment nowadays and when fridges break down, our daily lives are affected.
With the high temperature and humidity in Singapore AC SAVIOUR Engineering existence play a part in improving your life quality at work or at home.
It is important to maintain and service your fridge due to the primary reasons of
1) To keep your food fresh for your family to enjoy healthy food
2) To cool down your body with cool drink
3) To provide a good and hygiene storage space for cooking material
At AC SAVIOUR Engineering , our technicians are 100% certified by BCA and ITE and are able to repair any brands of domestic and commercial fridge on the spot with a 30-120 days warranty.

Here are some of our services that are highly in demand
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Fridge Repair

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