Quality Assurance

AC Saviour Engineering promises that we will repair all fridge 100% on spot with 30-120 days warranty! No gimmicks or hidden cost.
AC Saviour Engineering have licensed fridge repair and aircon repair technicians by Building Construction Authority and certified by Institute of Technical Education at your disposal.
Using our proven methods of checking your fridge before we repair, we have repaired over countless fridges ranging from domestic to large commercial units.
Our colleagues are licensed technicians with years of experience to provide you a guaranteed satisfactory service. 
Here are some of our services that are highly in demand
Fridge Repair 
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- Topping up of gas
- Fridge leaking
- Chemical Service/Flushing
- General Contract Maintenance to ensure your fridge/air-con is working in tip top condition.
With all these promise, rest assured that AC Saviour Engineering has full quality assurance over your fridge repair assignment to make your fridge and aircon working for you once again.

    HP 90070520 www.fridgerepair.com.sg 

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